Author: Seth Hurley

Senate Bill 544: Establish Non-Opioid Treatment Alternatives.

Written by Seth Hurley, Ph.D. December 2nd, 2019 Abstract Senate Bill 544 aims to provide improved access to non-opioid treatment alternatives for pain. Opioids are very effective pain relievers; however, they also have additional negative side-effects. Over-prescription and reliance on opioids for pain management has led to a nation-wide opioid epidemic that has severely impacted North Carolina [1]. The North Carolina Senate proposed a bill to provide non-opioid treatment alternatives to reduce the likelihood of…

House Bill H318: Opioid Prescription and Treatment Opt Out Act.

Written by Seth Hurley, Ph.D. October 28, 2019 Abstract The Opioid Prescription and Treatment Opt Out Act allows individuals to voluntarily opt out of receiving opioid medications. The bill was drafted in response to over-prescription of opioids in North Carolina. Prescription opioid medications have an addiction potential and over-prescription of opioids has contributed to an ongoing nation-wide opioid epidemic with overdose deaths and opioid prescription rates in North Carolina higher than the national average [1]….